A day after a former Asbury Park cop is sentenced to a decade in state prison one of the Crips gang members he allegedly helped in a drug distribution ring is given 47-years behind state prison bars.

Walker's sentence is to an aggregate 47-years in a state prison with a 28-years, one month and 24-days of parole ineligibility before he can be released.

“This prison sentence should send a strong message that we are serious about cracking down on the violence, property crimes, and drug dealing that has plagued the neighborhoods of Asbury Park and Neptune,” Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni said.

It all comes after the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office announced the arrests in "Operation Dead End" that began back in 2013 by law enforcement in order to prevent any additional violent street crimes and firearms offenses in Asbury Park.

The probe uncovered criminal activity taking place on two dead end streets in Asbury Park, Dewitt Avenue and a section of Jersey Street in the Washington Village Public Housing Complex, according to the Prosecutor's Office

Crimes committed by the gang include armed robberies, residential burglaries, thefts an  organized shoplifting ring that had an established relationship with the owners of a local pawn shop, several different firearms-related offenses, including unlawfully possessing firearms, transferring guns between various members of the criminal organization, and targeting rival gang members and enemies for shootings.

There were also drug deals taking place of cocaine, heroin, oxycodone, and “molly,” a form of ecstasy.

“We will continue to prosecute the perpetrators of the violence that is plaguing our cities,” Gramiccioni said.

Walker's sentencing comes a day after former Tinton Falls office Keith German was imprisoned for, among other things, tipping off the gang with info from law enforcement.

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