CAMBRIDGE — For the first time during the COVID-19 pandemic, a new vaccination shows promising results and is advancing to human trial stages, major news outlets reported Monday.

Moderna, a Massachusetts based company, developed the vaccination, and it prompts an immune response in the human body, "and was also found to be safe and well-tolerated in a small group of patients," the report said. 

The first phase of the trial only tested 45 people and was to determine if the drug was actually safe for humans. 8 of the 45 participants were shown to develop neutralizing antibodies that successfully fought off COVID-19 in the cells and microbiome.

Each of the 45 patients received one of three doses: 25 micrograms, 100 micrograms, or 250 micrograms in a two-month span. 

While promising, there is still much testing the drug is going to have to go through to determine if it's safe and effective against Coronavirus. 

This is likely the first step to a long and extensive process that Moderna will have to undergo in order to determine if the drug can be distributed to hospitals and healthcare centers worldwide. 

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