Like many of you I’ve see the bodycam video of five Memphis police officers violently and savagely beating 29-year old Tyre Nichols following a questionable motor vehicle stop.  The footage showed the five now-fired officers pummeled and kicked Nichols while yelling profanities throughout the vicious attack which three days later resulted in his death.  Those officers face several charges including 2nd degree murder and while they'll have their day in court it is likely they will spend many years in prison because this video doesn’t lie.

Of course this once again raises the question of not racism, as all involved were black, but police officers who too often use unnecessary force even for minor infractions.  This nationwide complaint is more often heard in cities and towns that have large black and brown populations but of course it’s not limited to those places.

Let me be clear in that I am someone who supports local law enforcement and has their back.  Yes there are bad cops and maybe more than ever before but the overwhelming majority do believe in the motto “protect and serve” and are positive influences in the communities they work in.  I think most of us recognize it is tougher to be a police officer today than at any point in our history as they are under constant scrutiny.  Everyone has a phone that takes pictures and video and many would like nothing more than to get proof of a cop behaving badly…even if he or she is not.

When I was a kid we looked up to police officers and had nothing but respect for them.  How many times did our parents tells us if we were ever in trouble to find a cop and I want my grandson to hear that same message. I’m not naïve…there are problems and there are those in law enforcement who need to be weeded out.  However the majority are good and they need to know we are on their side.  A society without strong law enforcement is not one I want to live in.

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