I guess that's the sign of a good vacation.  I keep going through my photos from Norway and Denmark and see more things I want to share with you via these blog posts.  Today's collection of cool things is a bit random.

Smaller coffee holders. 


These two cup holders make a lot of sense don't they?  If I'm only buying two cups, why do I need a four-cup holder?  The smaller size is reflective of the Scandinavians' interest in environmental issues.  Sustainability is a priority there.  I wish I took a photo of their beautiful recycling bins that were everywhere.  Do you know of any Jersey Shore places that are offering these smaller coffee cup carriers?

Pretty manhole covers. 


We saw a range of beautiful, artistic images.  It almost felt weird to step on them.


Humorous Bathroom Signs.


Those universal signs for men's and ladies' rooms can get boring.  I love what I saw at the airport in Bergen Norway.  Haven't we all assumed those positions?  Be honest. The graphics shown in these photos are smile-inducing.

Another thing that made me smile was saying the word "Hygge."  It's a concept of coziness that the Danes have perfected.  I'll tell you more about it in a future blog post.

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