Three home-repair contractors from Hudson County are accused of helping themselves to major appliances in the Sandy-ravaged Brick Township home they were supposed to fix.

Ruben Pilamunga of West New York, Fausto Alvarado of Weehawken and Danny Soza-Macers of Union City were apprehended by township police Tuesday on burglary and theft charges.

Police said that they were alerted by a burglary report that reached them Sunday. A neighbor watching the Bay Way dwelling for the owner showed officers that the rear sliding door was propped open with a bag.

According to police, the house was missing four air conditioners, a refrigerator and an oven. They found the refrigerator in another vacant, storm-damaged house that was also found unlocked.

Pilamunga, Alvarado and Soza-Macers were not on site during the initial probe, police said, but were arrested when they returned Monday. The appliances are now back in the owner's possession.