While the chances of seeing something like last week's truly impressive fireball meteor that cut through the New Jersey skies are pretty slim, clearing skies heading into tonight could make for good viewing of the annual Lyrid meteor shower.

It was cloudy and rainy for most of the day today, but as the clouds started to break up during the evening rush, the late-day sun came out with an encouraging signal that clearer skies tonight will make catching at least some of the yearly mid-spring meteor shower possible.

The Lyrid meteor shower is at its peak right now, and experts are expecting somewhere in the range of 20 meteors an hour to streak through the atmosphere.

While stargazers won't have to contend with a sky full of clouds, the moon's waning gibbous phase will brighten the sky, so finding the darkest spot as far away from light pollution as possible will be your best strategy to see some shooting stars.

While you'll have to contend with a bright moon tonight, you'll definitely want to mark your calendars for the first weekend in May.

The Eta Aquarid meteor shower, which comes through our atmosphere thanks to Halley's Comet, peaks on May 5th, and is expected to be impressive this year.

A new moon that night will make the sky as dark as it gets, and experts are predicting around 40 meteors an hour.

Now, we just have to hope for the weather to cooperate!



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