Remember "Malcolm in the Middle"? The Fox sitcom about the endearingly dysfunctional family that could be any of our neighbors?

I just saw this story today. It's about the star, Frankie Muniz, becoming engaged to his girlfriend. "What?" you think, "but he's just a kid!".

He's 25.

(That  just blew my mind!)

It's interesting how TV works, the actors become lodged in our mind as they were at the time of the show's popularity. I'll always think of Frankie Muniz as the flustered, put upon middle schooler from the show. But alas, we all grow up.

Want your mind blown again? Remember "Home Improvement", and the cute little towheaded youngest son, Mark, played by Taran Noah Smith? He's definitely sneaking up on 30 (27 to be exact).


Ouch, my head hurts...

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