Developing story: Reports of a chemical spill in a Wall Township business prompted action by Monmouth County hazardous materials investigators today.

Townsquare Digital

A subsequent dialogue with Wall Township police revealed that the chemical at Air Cruisers on Route 34 was contained, but that two workers were exposed to it.

Police did not elaborate on the type of chemical involved, but indicated that both workers were given first aid and that there is no safety risk.


Air Cruisers specializes in lifesaving equipment for the aircraft industry, including rafts, inflatable slides, floats and vests. It's a subsidiary of the global Zodiac Aerospace firm, according to information on its web page.

The company has a long record of responsible operations at its Wall Township site. The federal Environmental Protection Agency fined operators just over $70,000 about 16 years ago, regarding the release of methyl ethyl ketone and toluene at its plants in Wall and in Mississippi, according to the EPA web site.