This would scare the dickens out of me. First hiking and then getting scared out of my hiking boots. But, for the avid hiker, this sounds fantastic.

Halloween is next month and the beautiful leaves changing, why not try something new? It's called Jenny Jump Forest in Warren County, NJ. There are several trails throughout this dark, scary, said to be haunted park.

There are several stories of murder and other scary stuff that makes this one of the most haunted hikes in America and it's right here in New Jersey. As you hike on Shades Of Death Road and by Ghost Lake, it just sounds as scary as you can get.

One of the stories behind Jenny Jump Forest is a little girl named Jenny was picking berries with her dad. Her dad was sure Jenny was being kidnapped and he was yelling "jump Jenny, jump". A girl skipping with light hair has been skipping along the trail - all according to CLICK HERE for the entire terrifying story and for more haunting stories about the park.

Also, Jenny Jump Forest also has an observatory - Greenwood Observatory -  that is open Saturday evenings through October.

Jenny Jump Forest
State Park Road
Hope, NJ (Warren County)

Hikers unite with this one! Thrilling, exciting, scary, and getting us ready for some Halloween haunts.

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