Every time I see this building, I think why isn't it taken down. It's such an eye sore right along the bay in Bayville on Bayview Ave. For us local residents, we might get answers soon on whether it will be taken down.

According to the patch.com, it could be taken down real soon. This week the building is being tested to see if it should keep standing, but I'm not sure why? It looks like it's been vandalized several times, there are no windows in the building anymore, and what a shame because where it sits is such a beautiful area of Bayville. Take it down!

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

The report will be completed this week or next week to see if the building can stay up and a couple of unanswered questions might be answered. Will it be shared by something like an environmental group or maybe a wildlife observational facility. That's all if the building will remain standing.

What do you think that building should be used for? Do you think it should be knocked down? What would you like to see there?


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