I'm celebrating the Fourth of July this Friday.  No really it's true!   I'm also taking a break Monday after working during the weekend of Hurricane Irene in August but I can't help but feel a tinge of guilt. Sure the days off were earned from sacrificing my holidays and weekend, however, December is crunch time when department staffs are typically thin but the work load isn't.

Townsquare Media News Anchor Joe Cutter wrote about this delima on Monday 12/5 it's called Many 'Workers Opt to Skip Some Vacation Days' (read it on our sister station's web site www.nj1015.com) . He wrote that many workers are opting out of taking their full compliment of vacation days each year. He cited an "Expedia" study that shows the average American worker only uses 12 of the 14 days they get off Annually. I personally know of a co-worker in another department who's taken almost none of his vacation days.

I was actually doing what Joe's article said, loosing a day or so every year but I was determined not to do that this year. I strategized and spread my days off through out the entire year so it wouldn't pose a burden to my co-workers and avoid the end-of-year use-it-or-lose it scrambling.

However, I've come to realize that everyone needs to push away from the work no matter how much they love their jobs. It's good for everyone around you.