CONGRATS to Jenkinson's Aquarium on celebrating 30 years!  I remember going there when I was a teenager for the first time and loving it then like I love it now!  My kids can't get enough either.  They've been a part of our lives for 30 years today, can you believe it?  Well now it's time to celebrate!

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1991 was a great year...Brian Adams, Everything I Do I Do It for You and Michael Jackson's, Black or White were the top songs on the radio...Home Alone was number one at the box office and everyone was doing the Hammer U Can't Touch This dance.  (You may or may not have owned the pants).  Another reason 1991 was awesome is because that's when Jenkinson's Aquarium opened their doors to us for the very first time!

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Today Jenkinson's is offering admission for only $5 if you were born in honor of their opening year.  Another perk if you head down there today...the fun folks at Jenks are giving out goody bags to the first 100 paying children in the age range of 3-12 today only! Here is their official retro post!  I love the Jersey high-hair ladies!  I was no stranger to Aqua Net myself :)

You'll enjoy exhibits such as Atlantic sharks, Pacific sharks, coral reefs, penguins, and seals and you'll get the opportunity to get up close to animals from around the globe!  Why not learn about the ocean at the ocean!  Stroll along the boardwalk and get the good Jersey boardwalk food while you are there!

Check out these amazing creatures of Jenkinson's Aquarium

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