If you look in my closet, most of my clothes come from Old Navy, Aeropostale, The Gap, American Eagle, etc, etc. Yeah I know, I'm not a college kid anymore. But I work in radio.

It's wonderful.

I'll admit, I know it's a little unfair to everyone else that I get to come to work every day in t-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts in the Winter and the occasional pair of shorts in the dog days of Summer (hey, if Kevin Williams can do it, so can I). But, before you get jealous, there are drawbacks...I own one suit. No joke. It's my wedding and funeral suit. I usually just change up the tie and maybe, if I'm feeling adventurous I'll wear a blue shirt instead of a white shirt. In the past year I've actually had two college friends get married and realized that I had to do something new or I'd look exactly the same in both of their pictures. So I went a little nuts and bought a new shirt and a new tie (I know, I know, "calm down there fella!").

It can actually be a little embarrassing at times. When business casual events roll around I tend to have a hard time finding the happy medium between shorts and t-shirts and a straight up dress suit (keep in mind that I use that term in the singular for a reason).

Is it nice that I can keep it casual at work? Definitely. But maybe, just maybe, it's time to expand my big boy wardrobe a little bit.