Rip currents are a more common issue during Summer here in Ocean County, but do you know what to do if you encounter a rip current while swimming this Summer?  Let's help educate and prevent tragedies this Summer in Ocean County.

When my Daughter was younger we were swimming in Ship Bottom when we were caught in a rip tide. Very scary and I must admit I did panic because she was little and I was having trouble getting her out, lucky for us Ship Bottom Lifeguards were out on boards helping swimmers and they towed us in. That incident left me with a new respect for rip tides and the need to know what to do if caught in one.

According to Patch .... here are some basic rules on avoiding rip tides (currents)

  • Swim in guarded areas only
  • Avoid swimming in holes between sandbars
  • Do not swim during periods of rough surf
  • Watch for areas of discolored or rippled water
  • Never swim alone
  • If you become caught in a rip current, swim parallel to shore until free of the current

Learning CPR can also be a valuable tool when dealing with water related accidents. Shawn & Sue took some basic cpr classes with Cherie Garrison.....a must for everyone, to have basic life saving skills.



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Be safe and informed this Summer and enjoy our beautiful Jersey Shore

Watch this video for instructions on how to handle a rip tide/current




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