Boots is a beautiful boy, full of love, and ready for his forever home!

Popcorn Park Zoo / 1 Humane Way, Forked River, NJ 609-693-1900
Popcorn Park Zoo / 1 Humane Way, Forked River, NJ, 609-693-1900

Although Boots has the name of a tiny, peaceful, black cat......he is the furthest from that as can be! He is a big, bouncy, bubbly black lab of just 2 years old that is hoping to go off to a great home any day now! Boots had a good home, but when his owner passed away, he had nowhere to go. Boots was well cared for and at 120 lbs., he's big, healthy, happy, friendly, well-behaved, and a real charmer. He loves making new friends, he's playful and active, and although he lived with another dog, he is somewhat selective of which dogs he'll like, since he is a bit of the dominant-type. He will need a feline-free home as he can't distinguish them from a ball that he'd like to chase. Boots is an all-around great guy that will bring lots of fun to any good family!