The American Standard Properties & Businesses has launched the Worldwide Business Owners Membership $1.00 U.S. Club, enabling small business owners in the U.S. and the world to directly interact with each other. 

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Founder and President of Point Pleasant based ASPB, Anthony Pezza, is the brainchild of this program.

"This excellent business education and communications program was created to help small business owners operate more efficiently and effectively, grow their businesses and become more profitable and successful," Pezza said.

He feels the need for this program is very much need because of what he feels is the United States failing businesses.

The goal of the program he's hatched is to help members share ideas and discuss business ideas to help one another improve in today's economy.

The program which is $1.00 per month, is also only $10.00 a year.

When you pay the $10 membership fee you also get Pezza's "Biz-O'Nomics program", which is 275 pages of business knowledge.

The website his business has set up contains a self evaluation form new and veteran business owners can fill out.

"It's 25 questions, but they're very in depth questions," Pezza said. "Some of the questions include, 'Do I have the money? Do I have the hours I could work? Am I going to get support from my family? If I'm sick, who's going to run my business?' "

There is also a fill in form where you put your basic information.

People go to seminars on how to start a business, and for the most part the seminars are offered by people who have never owned a business.

With the help of Google translator, the program also comes in 104 different languages, which further enables the program to be worldwide.

Pezza's hopes to see the program have one or two million users worldwide.

To learn more about the program and to become a member, visit

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