A Japanese Buddhist organization along with anti-nuclear groups will be participating in a 19-day 'No More Fukushimas Peace Walk' to three nuclear generating facilities on the northeast coast beginning in New Jersey.

Walk organizer Christian Collins says the walk serves two purposes. One, is to pray for the 160,000 suffering Japanese people forced to flee their homes last year. The second, is to draw attention to the people on the east coast to the dangers of nuclear power. Collins explains what the walk will look like.

"The walkers will be led by a group of Buddhist Monks and Nuns who will be wearing their yellow robes and the Monks and Nuns will be carrying prayer drums. They drum and chant the whole way. Other people will kind of fall in behind them and carry banners."

Collins says their goal is to try to make people aware of the consequences of a nuclear disaster, even what a small scale nuclear disaster would be in an area like Oyster Creek or Indian Point where there are so many people.

The walk begins on March 3rd at the Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant in Ocean County. From there, they'll be going to the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant in Buchanan, N.Y. and concluding at the Vermont Yankee Plant in Vernon, VT on March 21st.

They're asking people to join them for an hour, a day or for the whole walk. The walk is initiated by the Nippponzan Myohoji, Grafton Peace Pagoda. nomorefukushimaswalk.tumblr.com or facebook.com/peacewalk.2012.