By now you know that there's a Go-Go's musical on Broadway.  But did you know that it's a farce set in the 1500s?  Did you know it's set in the Kingdom of Arcadia where residents proudly declare (in song) "We Got The Beat?"  Did you know that the story is not about the 5 women who make up the Go-Go's?  Seems the band members did not want the play to be biographical so the idea of a far-fetched tale with kings and oracles was staged instead.  And it works!  In kind of a head-scratching way.

The musical is entertaining crowds every night with songs that include "Our Lips Are Sealed," "How Much More," and singer Belinda Carlisle's solo hits "Mad About You," and "Heaven is a Place on Earth."

I saw "Head Over Heels" last night and really enjoyed it!  My niece loved it too and she did not grow up with the Go-Go's music like I did.  Many of the lines were laugh out loud funny.  The musical numbers had everyone smiling and tapping their feet.  The choreography is engaging; though at times I caught myself thinking it odd that I was watching dancers vogueing while wearing Elizabethan-era collars.

Truth is there is a bit of a "what the heck?" factor running through the production.  The whole idea of 80s pop songs being sung in a play full of Shakespeare-style dialogue, well, it's kind of ridiculous.  Yet awesome!

The performances are excellent.  Princess Pamela steals the show as a super-confident princess who can't find a prince good enough for her.

If you're looking to escape with a witty and campy musical comedy that has a feel-good ending about love and acceptance, you might want to head into Head Over Heels.  The Hudson Theatre is actually just a short walk from Port Authority so you could take the NJ Transit bus from Toms River.

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