There have been rumors going around for quite some time, and today it's been confirmed - the Kmart in Brick's Laurel Square shopping center will be closing.

Just a little while ago, Brick Shorebeat reported that signs have gone up in the store and clearance advertisements are also running now.

Of course, the Laurel Square shopping center, between Routes 88 and 70, took a hit in 2015 when the longstanding Pathmark closed its doors.

Occupying the next space over from where the Pathmark was, the Kmart closure will now leave a rather large swath of the plaza unoccupied.

Fins, which had a standalone restaurant in the plaza, also closed up their Laurel Square location and moved down the highway into Point Pleasant last year.

We'll keep you updated as more specifics are announced, including when the store will officially close and what could eventually take its place.


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