This weekend I stopped by Brick Town Veterinary Hospital to see the awesome people who have been taking care of my pets for years, and to chat with Dr. Adam Christman, who just published his first book.

Dr. Christman, who has a dachshund that has been paralyzed for over 10 years, co-authored a book about IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease), which can impact dogs of any breed or age.

The book, often times light hearted and not too technical, tackles the condition to make the symptoms, management, and quality of life easy to understand for any pet owner.

Here's my conversation with Dr. Christman about "Honey, Have You Squeezed The Dachshund?"


You can get your own copy at Amazon by clicking here.

And you can meet Dr. Christman, get a copy, and have it signed next Sunday, November 6th from 12-3pm at Brick Town Veterinary Hospital at 251 Chambersbridge Road in Brick!


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