Brick Township residents who did work to their properties before or after super storm Sandy without permits will get a chance to file the proper paper work without being penalized.

Brick-Township-Municipal-Building, TMongelli Townsquare Media
Brick-Township-Municipal-Building, TMongelli Townsquare Media

Mayor John Ducey and the Township Council are offering an amnesty program the entire month of June. "The amnesty period is for one-month only, from June 1 to June 30. As soon as July 1 comes, then penalties can be assessed up to $2,000," said Ducey.

The amnesty excludes commercial properties Ducey said, "It's for all residential zones R-3 and R-5, which are the homes, the apartments, the rentals, single family condos."

Ducey said some people may not have realized they needed permits for work done and noted the amnesty program is for safety purposes. "What it really does is really promote safety. We want to make sure the people who did the work, who live in those homes are safe, but not only those people, but obviously their neighbors as well are safe. A lot of different electrical type work has been done and we don't want to see a rash of fires due to it not being done properly," he said.

Residents can go to Town Hall, 401 Chambersbridge Road, during normal business hours Monday through Friday, between 8:30 a.m and 4:30 p.m. the entire month of June to apply for permits without being penalized. Inspectors will be sent to the properties once the paper work is filed.

"Also, on June 17, I'm having one of my Mayors In Nights and it's going to actually be located down in the Building Department. And we're going to have the entire Building Department Staff there. That starts at 6 p.m. and will continue until the last person leaves," Ducey said.  "And what that does, it gives people an opportunity. They don't have to take a day off to come in for permits. They can come after-hours and be able to do all the work they have to do without having to miss any of their own work."



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