Brick Township Police continue to roll out programs that will help residents and businesses feel safe but also be proactive in preventing crime from taking place.

At Tuesday night’s council meeting, Councilwoman Marianna Pontoriero, the public safety chair of the Township Council, announced the launch of some new programs initiated by the police department.

The program that received the most focus, Project Safe Lock, offers residents the option to get a free lock box to keep in a location known only to the homeowner and police.

Project Safe Lock will also help First Responders who are often faced with the dilemma of entering a secured residence to render aid to someone who cannot get up to unlock the door.

Up until now, they have to enter the residence after searching for emergency contacts or neighbors who can retrieve a key to unlock the door.

Brick officials say that some homeowners have kept a hide-a-key for emergency situations, but what happens more often than not, is First Responders don’t find the hide-a-key in the location specified by the homeowner.

Project Safe Lock aims to provide an option to get into a home quickly without causing damage.

Several businesses have reportedly expressed interest in donating to this program for the purchase of the lock boxes.

In order to get the program off the ground, Artis Senior Living was the first to provide the department a donation, presenting Brick Police Chief James Riccio with a $2500.00 check last week.

Project Safe Lock will allow quick access to a residence when time is of the essence, such as a medical emergency where the doors are locked and the patient is unable to get to the door, or during winter months when pipes sometimes burst and the homeowner is out of town.

It is a voluntary program and certain restrictions as to who can obtain a lock box under this program may apply.

Police are planning on issuing the lock boxes on a case-by-case basis, measuring factors such as living arrangements, age, physical conditions and medical status.

Those interested in the program will be able to apply via an application form on the Brick Police website, or by responding to the Community Policing Office at the Brick Township Police Department during regular business hours.

Project Safe Lock utilizes a realtor’s style lock box which could be mounted to a door or railing of a home.

The lock box will be owned by the Brick Twp. Police Department.

A key, supplied by the resident, is then locked in the box.

When an emergency exists, responding Brick Police and EMS will retrieve this key by using a code which will be stored in their Dispatch Center.

Project Safe Lock members must meet certain criteria and agree to the Brick Police terms and conditions.

Some of the conditions that will be considered are:

  • Live alone or be home alone on a frequent basis
  • Handicapped or medical/physical conditions that make movement difficult
  • Whether the homeowner will be accessible

Participants must:

  • Provide a key (keys) for an entry door to the home
  • Grant the Brick Twp. Police Department permission to access and use the key in an emergency. A waiver form (see attached) must be completed and notarized which will be included in this application.
  • If you should move, you must notify the Brick Twp. Police Department so that we may retrieve the lock box.

As a safety measure, after the key has been removed, the Brick Police Department can reset the code.

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