Sure, I think that celebrity sightings are cool. A lot of us have interesting stories of spotting a celeb here at the shore. But the coverage of this past weekend's Paul McCartney sighting strikes me as kind of weird. 

If I saw a Beatle in my town, I'd definitely tell my friends about it, for sure.

But I feel like the breathless social media coverage in the last day and a half or so has been a bit of overkill.

"This is the table where Paul sat!"

"This is the glass that he drank from!"

"This is the napkin that he used to dab a bit of olive oil off of his cheek!"

News flash, everybody, Paul McCartney eats just like the rest of us!

And of course, celebrity sightings aren't out of the ordinary for one of the country's premiere beach destinations. But I haven't seen coverage like this since that whole Justin Timberlake french toast on eBay thing over a decade and a half ago.

I don't know, maybe it's just me being cynical, but I say let the celebrities be. If you absolutely need to, ask politely if you want a picture or an autograph. But sneaking covert photos and practically stalking them just strikes me as a bit tacky.

What do you think? Has Paul McCartney in Asbury-mania been overkill, or does his stature as a mega-star warrant all the attention?

Comment below and weigh in!


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