• Spring has finally arrived and it feels great. Of course I could do without the pollen.
  • Last week it was announced that Fox Sports has an agreement with Tom Brady to pay the quarterback $375 million over ten years to join their broadcasting team once he retires from the NFL which is more money than he has earned in his entire 22-year career. Brady has become overexposed it seems over the last couple of years and like it or not he’s not going away.
  • More and more we have to accept that COVID is likely something we will have to deal with in some form for years if not decades to come. For most it’s nothing more than a virus of some kind and usually a minor one but taking it too lightly is a mistake.  Just ask those who have lost family members.
  • I honestly can’t offer any take on what happened in Buffalo last weekend or how to prevent repeat cases in the future. Politicians will debate this like they have done in the past and likely not come up with anything.  However there is something we can all agree on…there is a lot of hate in the world.
  • With that said we need things to cheer us up and the New York Rangers still playing hockey at this time of the year certainly helps me. All along I said I would be happy if they won a Stanley Cup playoff series which they have. Beating Carolina starting tonight might be too much to ask but I will ask for it anyway.
  • You know it’s getting close to primary election day when you start receiving flyers and brochures in the mail. What a waste of money as they end up in the recycling can in a matter of seconds.
  • For those that recorded “This Is Us” I will not spoil last night’s next-to-last episode. Except to say, have the tissues ready.

Spring 2022: The pollen has arrived to New Jersey

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