Are you having a hard time getting into the Halloween spirit?  I am.  Maybe it's all the Santa Claus statues that I saw in the pharmacy last night that's got me confused.  More likely, it's just a case of growing old, being too busy with work and volunteer activities, and not having young kids around.  And the fact that my neighborhood kids have outgrown trick or treating, I didn't even buy candy this year!

I need someone to cast a spell on me and make me happy about Halloween!  At the very least, I promise I'll go to the store and buy some candy, in case any costumed kids do show up.  Being at the famous Toms River Halloween Parade always makes me smile.  It's such a great tradition and the fun is contagious!  But for now, I'm feeling like saying, "Boo Humbug."

What do you do when you're "not into" a celebration that everyone else seems excited about?

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