Picture this. You're strolling on the boardwalk on a sunny day at the Jersey Shore, when all of a sudden - BAM! The person in front of you stops short, and you almost bump right into them.

Or, just as bad, you get stuck behind a group of people who are walking at a slower pace than you, and there's no room to squeeze around them to get over to Kohr's before a line forms.

Whenever I'm in a situation like this, I think to myself "it'd be great if we had brake lights and blinkers on our butts." But since that's kind of weird, it's more realistic for us to have some sort of plan for fast walkers to hang on one side of the boardwalk, the leisurely strollers to stay on the other, and then "pulling over" when you need to stop while walking.

Why not treat the boardwalk like you do roads? And before you say "it's unreasonable for us to have designated lanes for walking" I totally agree with you, and that's not what I'm saying.

What I mean, is that there should be some unspoken rule that when you're walking on the boardwalk, you know to hang right if you want to chill, stay left if you're in a rush, and move out of the way of others before you stop walking. I think if we all adopted these practices, we'd have a much more easy-going Summer.

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Since I know everyone remembering this and putting these guidelines into practice is unrealistic, may I suggest at the very least, we remember to say "excuse me" when needing to pass or stop?

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