I don't have Bieber-Fever.  I have Buble-fever.

Tonight is the annual tree lighting ceremony in Rockefeller Center.  I usually watch it on TV, but this year I may jump in my car and head to the city to see it in person.

Christmas in Rockefeller Center looks to be great this year.  Michael Buble is performing.  So is Justin Bieber, Carol King and Michael Buble.  Also on the bill tonight, Cee Lo Green, Tony Bennet and Michael Buble.  Did I mention Michael Buble is singing tonight?  

Tickle me Elmo?  No thanks, I want a tickle me Michael Buble for Christmas.

Hey, did you know  Michael Buble is singing tonight?

If I leave for the city now, I wonder how close I can get to the stage.  You know...the stage where Michael Buble will be singing. I may propose.

If I don't show up tomorrow, you might want to check with the  NYPD.  And bring bail money.