Beachwood hosts the largest fireworks display at the Jersey Shore every year. Since the display takes place over the Toms River, there are a lot of great places to view the show. I grew up in Beachwood, and I have learned that everyone is VERY passionate about getting the best spot to see the fireworks. So I've made a list of some of the best places to see the fireworks. Did I get it right?
This is the 77th annual display, so I am certain that Ocean County residents are passionate about where they go to view the extravaganza.

Beachwood Beach

Beachwood Beach is the center of the action! If you get there early enough you can set up near the water, and enjoy America's birthday with more than a thousand of your closest friends. Plus, it's where the Ocean County Breakfast show does their live broadcast every year. You won't need to bring a radio because you'll be right in the center of the action, and can hear our broadcast of patriotic tunes for the display.

Pine Beach & Ocean Gate

I've always heard great things about viewing the fireworks from the beachfronts in Ocean Gate and Pine Beach. It's probably a little quieter than Beachwood Beach, but their close proximity to Beachwood makes them a perfect vantage point for viewing the vibrant display.

On the Toms River and Barnegat Bay

While I have never viewed the fireworks from a boat, I am sure it is nothing short of spectacular. Wherever you view the fireworks you can usually see quite a few boats lined up along the Toms River. That many boaters cannot be wrong, right? I'm guessing it doesn't get much more patriotic than being on the water to celebrate America's birthday.

Island Heights

If you live in Toms River, and you don't want to venture south then Island Heights' is a optimal location for you!  It's a quaint town, and their great location along the water will definitely make for a great evening with spectacular views.

Mayo Park

Some of my first Fourth of July memories are from sitting in Beachwood's Mayo Park during the big celebration. It's another crowded vantage point, but it's not the holiday unless your spending it with lots of neighbors and friends, right?

What else?

But what did I miss? I'm sure I am missing a bunch of the most popular places to see the fireworks. So let us know! Leave a comment, and we'll update this list throughout the day.

One thing is certain: wherever you enjoy the fireworks this holiday, take 92.7 WOBM with you. We'll have a special patriotic mix for the Beachwood fireworks on the Toms River.

If you forget a radio when you're headed out to see the fireworks, don't worry! Just download our RadioPup app for your smartphone, and you'll be apart of the Ocean County tradition. Shawn and Sue's live broadcast starts at 7pm.

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