Southern cooking in New Jersey, it's a hard one to find.

Not here at the Jersey Shore. It's one of my favorite Jersey Shore towns and it's close by.

This was named one of the best southern restaurants in New Jersey, according to

Simply Southern Facebook page in Belmar
Simply Southern Facebook page in Belmar

This restaurant is often very busy in the summer but it's open all year round. And, it's hiding in a strip mall in this Jersey Shore town.

What's the best southern restaurant in New Jersey?

It's called Simply Southern in Belmar. Family-owned, with modern twists on famous dishes with retro charm, according to

I just called some family members that vacation in Spring Lake and asked them about Simply Southern, hoping they have been there. Yes, they have and absolutely love it. They said to me it's one of their favorites when they visit the Jersey Shore.

Simply Southern starts with delicious appetizers, main dishes, and desserts. My family is from Pennsylvania and they told me I would love it, it's like eating at home. I have to try this hidden gem.

Simply Southern is located at 817 Belmar Plaza, Belmar, NJ.

I grew up in Pennsylvania with Pennsylvania Dutch food which is very similar to southern cooking. I'm hearing their ribs are magnificent and their chicken and waffles are the best in New Jersey, according to

From Simply Southern Belmar Facebook page:

OMG, looks delicious. Now here's the "BIG" question, do they have sweet tea? I'm sure they do. Simply Southern has to have sweet tea.

Have you tried this hidden gem of southern goodness?

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