Here's a unique fun fact about me.

From elementary school all the way until I graduated high school, I would eat a cheese sandwich every day for school lunch. The sandwich is two slices on American cheese with mustard on a Martin's potato roll. It has to be on a Martin's potato roll, or it doesn't count!

Many of my friends thought I was a psycho for eating the same thing every day. I couldn't resist my cheese sandwiches. I sometimes still eat them here and there. What is your favorite type of sandwich?

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Most importantly, one of the best Facebook groups I am a part of is Jersey Sandwich Joints. Over 30,000 members consistently post pictures of sandwiches that are made in the state of New Jersey. People write where the sandwich is from, and they usually give a review. Occasionally people argue about Pork Roll/Taylor Ham but for the most part, it's phenomenal sandwich recommendations.

Thanks to the Jersey Sandwich Joints Facebook group and many of your suggestions, I was able to put together a list of the best sandwich shops in New Jersey. I broke it down and this is the top 50! Some places are restaurants, and some are delis. Whatever it is, you need to try all 50. Below are the top 50 best sandwich shops you need to eat at in New Jersey. Am I missing any?! COMMENT & SHARE! No particular order.

The Top 50 Best Sandwich Shops You Need To Eat At In New Jersey

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