We have long said that the best beaches in Monmouth & Ocean Counties are some of the best in the state, the east coast and maybe even the country, and according to a published report, we're on the mark with that belief.

It turns out that, according to U.S. News and World Report, 9 of the top 15 beaches in New Jersey (or 60%) are right here in Monmouth & Ocean Counties. Here are the local beaches that made the top 10.

Best New Jersey Beaches Revealed


For the record, here are the other Monmouth & Ocean beaches that were in the top 15...

#11 Belmar

#12 Seaside Park

#13 Lavalette

#14 Spring Lake

Sure, you could bicker about the order on this list based on which beach is your favorite, but I have to say that, for a change, we're pretty well represented here.Here's to visiting all these beaches and more this summer!

Support all local beaches and businesses this summer, and have a great time!.

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