At a party over the weekend I was chatting with a guy who lives in New York City and believes it's the greatest place on earth.  He's loved it for many years and never thought he'd leave.  But now something's calling him to Denver.  He's been there before and says it's an amazing place. He can envision himself living there happily, so he's about to pack up and move away from his beloved Big Apple.

I've got another friend who is picking up her life in Pittsburgh and moving to Philadelphia.  She's divorced, looking for a new career opportunity, and feels like Philly is where she wants to write the next chapter of her life.  It feels like the right move for her to make.

So my question to you today is, is there a city or town besides Ocean County that feels like home to you.  In other words, do you ever dream of retiring in a different local?  When travelling, have you discovered a place that just FEELS really right to you?  A place you could envision yourself living?

That's what happened to my parents when they discovered Toms River.  They decided to move here from Queens all those years ago.

Please share in the Comments section the name of a destination you feel really drawn to.

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