Benjamin Steinhauser can cook!

The 8-year-old third-grader at Woodfern Elementary school in Hillsborough has made it to the next round of the Kids Baking Championship, which is a 10-week elimination tournament broadcast by the Food Network and hosted by Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman.

Take a listen to our chat in the first segment of The Steve Trevelise Show On Demand in the podcast player below:

Steinhauser was one of two contestants in Monday night's episode facing elimination after nine others survived the "Kitchen Sink" dessert challenge but it wasn't easy.

You could say it was almost confrontational when Benjamin refused Duff's advice to put his creation back in the oven.

What happened this week when Duffy gave you the advice to keep the bars in the oven? Do you wish you reacted differently when you watched it at home?

"I probably would have reacted a little differently, when I was on the show I was just worried about the time, I wasn't worried about what they say. "

What got you into baking?

"When I was little my dad was cooking, and we always had really yummy dinners. When I got a little older, when I was 5 years old, I started watching Kids Baking Championship, and I thought maybe I could be on that."

Can you remember what the first thing you baked was?

"First thing I ever baked was a birthday cake for my friend."

What's the best thing you ever baked?

"My 3-D Christmas tree cake. It was a vanilla cake and buttercream. It filled on the outside with candy."

Do you want to be a chef when you grow up?

"I want to go to culinary school and become a professional baker and open my own bakery."

 What is Valarie Bertinelli like?

"Yeah, she is fun, and she always loves things when they have lemon, from lemon cake to lemon bars to lemon cookies. She loves anything with lemon."

What is Duff like?

"He is more of a peanut butter fan, but he loves candy. He is on another show I really love Buddy vs Duff"

Photo Courtesy of Food Network
Photo Courtesy of Food Network


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