Good food.  Good people.  Those are the things my family appreciates about the restaurants we frequent.  It's also among the core principles of a local business's philosophy.  Now, one local breakfast spot will go beyond those 2 and change ownership and add exciting upgrades!

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If you've driven down Route 9 in Ocean County, you've likely been enticed by several strong breakfast choices.  Diners, drive-thrus, bagel nooks, and even some chains abound the landscape.  There's plenty of options but most people settle on just a couple of choices. There are even two such options that stand just feet away from electronic dinosaurs.

In this case, the subject of our conversation is right across from Bud the Bayville Dinosaur on Atlantic City Boulevard (Route 9).  Known to one and all as C & G's Country Cafe, this favorite features a menu filled with delicious food and memorable names like the Hungry Hillbilly, Garbage Can, Miss Piggy, Mr. Potato Head, and Jersey's Finest.  And soon it will feature a few more upgrades and one BIG change.

Let's start with the BIG one, a new name, and new owners!  According to their Facebook post, Carl and Cady Kramer are "putting all of our eggs in one basket and purchasing the property" and are "beyond excited to have full ownership..."  Congratulations to you two!  That's awesome!

The new name will be Grits & Grace or G&G, not too far from C&G.  Carl shared that the new name comes from a great place as "GRIT is what you do and GRACE is how you do it. We couldn't think of a better name to represent our hardworking staff and the people that we serve."  Carl's been managing the restaurant, menu, and staff for some time and guarantees "that the food and smiling staff will remain the same."  So, what will change?  There will be a few upgrades!

  • Expansion of the parking lot!  More places for your ride.
  • Improved outdoor dining complete with "a covered patio with heat."  That should certainly be great for chilly days and nights.

I'm so excited to bring my family by to see the new sign, enjoy more convenient parking, delicious food, and do it outside!  Congratulations Carl and Cady.  And I love the way they ended their Facebook post, "We are so grateful for the friendships that we have built here in Bayville. It serves as proof that Bayville, NJ truly is the best place on Earth!"

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