I don't even like to say the word die.

Honest.  When I'm on the air and I play The Band Perry's Song, "If I Die Young", I almost always nonchalantly "forget" to say the title of the song. That's how uncomfortable I am with the word.

Yesterday I came across a book called "1000 Things To Do Before You Die" and it got me to thinking.  What's on my "bucket list"?  Hmmmm....Piece of cake!

I want to get in my car and drive thru every single state in the US.  I want to see each and every one of them, up close and personal, and take my time.  I would eat a peach in Georgia, and an orange in Florida.   Pecan Pie in Alabama.  I would get  Lobster in Maine.  Pancakes and Maple Syrup in Vermont.  I get giddy with excitement at the thought of taking a picture of each "Welcome To" sign as I embark on another state.

So you don't think my trip will only be about food,  I can't wait to see if it's really as flat as they say in Illinois and Kansas.    I'll pick an armful of sunflowers in Wisconsin.  I hear you can see snow on  the Colorado Mountains while you stand below and it's 80 degrees.  I'll check out  The Big Sky of Montana.  I just have to get beads in New Orleans, and I plan on seeing where John Mellencamp lives in Indiana.  Hope I don't run into his girlfriend, Meg Ryan.  Awkward!   I'll get cowboy boots in Texas and will  certainly try my best to sin in Vegas.  I can't wait to get to Seattle, because I LOVE rain...and Starbucks!   And don't get me started on California.  I have big plans for Cali.

Friends say, who has that kind of time?  Why not just get a plane and cut out some of the monotony of the road.  No way.  I promise you I will savor each and every parkway, highway, back road, turnpike, freeway, and wrong turn.  ROAD TRIPS ROCK!

And speaking of planes, a popular choice on bucket lists is skydiving. SKYDIVING???!!???   Not a chance.  I'll  jump out of cake, but when I am on a plane I'm staying in my seat. 

There I go with food again.

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