OK today is the warmest day we've had since Christmas...can you blame this Jersey girl for thinking about the beach? Let's be good girl scouts and get prepared so when it's time we can hit the sand so fast it will make your head spin. This is from my beach bag to yours...

After A Lifetime Of Research These Are The 5 Things Every Jersey Girl Needs in Her Beach Bag

When I was in high school, having fun at the shore meant being in a boardwalk fashion show. It was less about swimming and more about flexing on each other with our new-bought kicks and Z. Cavariccies. Then we grew up, got jobs and our day at the beach looks very different. Now, we need to relax so comfort is king, these 5 must-haves will keep you comfy while still bringing that salty swag:

1. For the love of all things Jersey...Ditch the Sneakers & Find the Flops

I get it. The work week literally just held your feet hostage by making you stuff your toes into triangles on stilts all...day...long. Once your feet hurt, the fun is OVER. I know sneakers can feel great and even have that weekend vibe, but they're NOT for the beach. Every time I see someone dealing with sand in their Saucony I think, “what are you trying to prove Benny?” Instead, impulse-buy those cheetah print flip flops you saw at the WaWa checkout and properly free your feet!

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2. Buy Magic Shorts

Magic does exist and unlike a magician, I'll tell you how this trick works. Magic shorts are those super-cute distressed denim cut-offs but they have lots of Lycra stretch material woven into them. They’re key because they won’t cling to your wet, sandy body. Instead, they’re so forgiving that they pull up right over your hips without even unbuttoning them! I mean, no one needs to see us on the struggle bus wrestling to pull up our jean shorts in public. You're welcome.

3. Spray All Day

This is how you know I love you. If you’ve spent hours in salt water with aggressive waves showing you who’s boss, then you know when you dry off, your hair is one giant knot. Even if your hair is not long enough to get tangled, the sun and salt are drying it out like your Mom's meatloaf. Spray a quality leave-in conditioner with SPF built in like Moroccan Oil Protect & Prevent Spray to save your color, add much needed moisture and detangle that tumbleweed. Now you're ready for that intentional messy top bun.

4. Diva Beach Umbrella

If you’re like me you're on the beach from dawn till dusk so you need to plan for the long haul. Every dermatologist on the planet will tell you to take a break from the sun and with this 50 SPF umbrella, you can do just that without forking over that perfect beach spot! The problem with umbrellas is that absolutely no one wants to lug them onto the beach. Well, the Versa-Brella Sport is so compact it actually folds up right into your beach bag, no extra lugging required.

5. A Speak Your Mind T-Shirt


Truth be told, I have two totally different sides to me. One plays with babies, kisses puppies and helps your Grandmother reach something on a high shelf at the food store. The other, spins her head around like the Exorcist when an outsider makes fun of Jersey. Maybe that’s why at times I find it extremely therapeutic to wear an argumentative T-Shirt. My favorite is “Jersey vs. Everyone”. I appreciate the subtlety. Listen, the numbers don’t lie, we’re the second highest populated state in the country for a reason. So if we can just all agree that the Jersey Shore is the crown jewel in a state that’s better than yours, then we won’t have to fight.
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