Here is Ellie once again, hoping against all hope it would seem, to get a great home for the holidays.

Popcorn Park Zoo
Popcorn Park Zoo
Ellie came in 11 months ago Thursday, and in all that time, only one person has asked to meet her.  Why, you ask?  Well, she needs a pet-free home, she's 6 years old, and she has the scars of living a sad, cruel life prior to being found as a stray last January.  Yet despite it all, Ellie is still your typical loving, affectionate, wonderful dog.  She just wants your attention, wants you to be kind to her and play with her, take her for a walk, and just be her friend.  She's big and strong, but once she gets her jumpies out, she's so well-behaved.  This is one dog that will love you, unconditionally, for the rest of her days if you give her a chance. Call 609-693-1900 or email: to meet Ellie.
Let's get this beautiful girl adopted. She's had a real tough life, I'd love to see her get her happy ending. She's ready to love you and be your best friend. Shelter dogs just need a little bit of time, attention, and a family of their own.
Check out Ellie's video:

If you would like to meet Ellie, please call the Popcorn Park Rescue Zoo 609-693-1900 to set up an appointment. Did you see Ellie wearing her Christmas collar and hat? I will tell you this, after rescuing several dogs, I know if a dog allows you to put hats and collars on them and dress them up---they're awesome dogs.