Can I buy a vowel?

Jersey Shore Online is reporting that Gina Maslen of Bayville will be on Wheel of Fortune on the episode that airs on Tuesday, January 15th at 7:30 pm.

The article goes on to say that Maslen was chosen out of 70 applicants to appear on the show and that she had auditioned back in October in Philadelphia.

Maslen told the publication that being on the show has been on her bucket list, and that's why she auditioned in the first place.

The episode that Maslen competed on has already been taped for some time. Due to legal reasons, she is not allowed to tell anyone if she won anything on the program. She says that her family and friends understand that she cannot discuss the outcome of the show, but she still has people walking up to her and asking questions about the show that she is unable to answer.

One person, according to Maslen, even asked her for an autograph.

See the original story by Jersey Shore Online, here.

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