In a very sad post to their official Facebook page, Bayville Preschool and Nursery have announced that they will be closing their doors on September 28th for a final time and ask people for their favorite memory of the school.

People have been taking to social media with profound sadness that the school that has been serving Bayville for years will be going out of business.

In a letter that was sent home to parents, the school cites the recent addition from the Berkeley Township School District of offering free preschool in their district and that the children that where enrolled with them will be attending school there.

The letter goes on to say that they did everything in their power to try and keep their doors open but due to the loss of so many children and no potential future preschoolers due to the free program that Berkeley Township will be offering there is no way to sustain the program. You can see the full letter, here.

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