You know how much I love to drive around with my family and look at Christmas lights. I look forward to it every year and this year is no exception. I love it.

This house I want you to check out is in Bayville. You can't miss this one. Every year I see cars stopping and checking it out.

I love when neighborhoods come together and decorate together. I saw this house on Facebook and had to check it out myself. It's in my neighborhood and they look amazing every year. Each year it seems there are more and more lights.

Where is this amazing decorated house in Bayville, NJ?

This decorated house is located at 27 Ford Avenue. The house right next to them is always beautiful, also.

You might know this address from their fabulous Halloween display every year. Christmas is magical and this house brings out the magic.

My picture just doesn't do this house justice, check it out for yourself.

Sue Moll
Sue Moll

We love driving around different neighborhoods and looking at Christmas lights. Bring snacks and grab some hot chocolate. All ages will love this and make sure to bring the four-legged friends, also. They love the Christmas lights.

Our neighbors and communities spend hours putting Christmas lights out in front of their house and they love positive feedback. I appreciate everyone's hard work so much.

There are so many great events in New Jersey and so many cost money. Checking out houses in your neighborhood is absolutely free.

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