A retired Port Authority officer is refuting the story of a Barnegat resident who claims to have been pulled out from the World Trade Center during 9/11.

A report from  News 12's New Jersey's Kane In Your Corner Monday evening questions the accounts of Charlie Giles. The man Giles claimed saved his life, Mark Meier (aka badge number 1236), told Walt Kane that he never met Giles in his life.

"Never saw the person, never met the person, I was never inside the building."

Charlies Gilies with Governor Christie
Charlies Giles with Governor Christie (Charles Giles)

News 12 reports: “For years, Charles Giles, of Ocean County, has claimed he was pulled alive from the rubble of the North Tower after the World Trade Center attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. His dramatic story has helped him receive thousands of dollars in donations from the community to offset his medical bills and living expenses. ”

When questioned about Meiers claims to have never met him, Giles said there could have been some errors to the story he has been recounting for over a decade.

"I remember a patch and I remember a shield number. I remember the number 1236. Could have I gotten that number wrong? Yes. Though I highly doubt it."

Giles was locally known for his activism in raising awareness about the health issues faced by first responders during 9/11. Lending his support towards getting steel from the World Trade Center delivered as part of the Township's 9/11 memorial.

However, Giles' past has undergone scrutiny before from fellow first responders. Giles has said there is video of him at Ground Zero during the attacks, however doubters claim he was not where he claimed to have been.

Several charity groups have stopped donating to Giles. Another report from News 12 will look what will happen to Giles donations if he is found to be lying.

Giles spoke to Townsquare Media's Jason Allentoff in September, 2011 about his recollection of September 11, 2001.

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