Some surprising wins by independents, a rebuilt oceanfront pavilion in Belmar's future and the advent of alcohol in Little Silver highlight unofficial results in Monmouth local balloting.
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Credit: iStock

Aberdeen Township Council (4 seats): Gregory Cannon (D-Incumbent), Arthur Hirsch (D), Robert Swindle (D-Incumbent), and Concetta Kelly (D-Incumbent) defeated Edward Failla (R), Lyle Himmel (R), John Gartley (R), and Debra Whalen-Casler (R).

Allentown Mayor: Gregory Westfall (I) defeated Council President William Borokowski (D).

Allentown Council (2 seats):  Johnna Stinemire (I) and Robert Strovinsky (I) defeated Thomas Fritts (D) and Barbara Hallmark (D).

Atlantic Highlands Mayor: Rhonda Legrice (D) defeated Borough Councilman John Archibald (R).

Atlantic Highlands Borough Council (3 seats): Roy Dellosso (D-Incumbent) and Charles Leo (D) defeated France Karras (R) and James Kraus (R)

Avon Board of Commissioners (3 seats): John Magrini, Francis Gorman (Incumbent) and Robert Mahon (Incumbent) defeated Robert McGovern (Incumbent), Lawrence Mason, Jr. and Ken Bruton.

Belmar Borough Council (1 seat):  Jennifer Nicolay (D-Incumbent) defeated Thomas Burke (R) and Dave Schneck (I).

Belmar Referendum: Voters ratified the July Ordinance to bond $3,895,000 and appropriate $4,100,000 to rebuild the Fifth Avenue Pavilion

Eatontown Borough Council (2 seats): Anthony Talerico (I-Incumbent) and Virginia East (I) defeated Tiffany Miller (D), Judith Bretzger (D), Edward Fitterer (R), and Douglas Ronan (R);

Fair Haven Borough Council (2 seats):  Eric Jaeger (R-Incumbent) and Robert Marchese (R-Incumbent) defeated Shervyn Von Hoerl (D).

Farmingdale Mayor: John Morgan (R-Incumbent) defeated William "Beau" Byrtus (D).

Farmingdale Borough Council (2 full-term seats): James Daly (R) and Patricia Linzsky (R-Incumbent) defeated Bonnie Wright (D) and Jan Zientek (D).

Freehold Mayor: J. Nolan Higgins (D-Incumbent) - unopposed

Freehold Borough Council (2 seats): Ronald Griffiths (D-Incumbent) and Sharon Shutzer (D-Incumbent) defeated Robert Gibbons (R) and Michael Gill (R).

Freehold Township Committee (2 seats): Anthony Ammiano (R-Incumbent) and Thomas Cook (R-Incumbent) defeated Doris Lin (D) and Haven Franklin (D).

Freehold Township Referendum: Voters approved the merger of the Zoning Board and Planning Board.

Hazlet Township Committee (2 seats): James DiNardo (D-Incumbent) and Barbara Ronchetti (D) defeated Thomas Mann (R) and William Shea (R).

Highlands Borough Council (2 At-Large seats): Carolyn Broullon and Claudette D'Arrigo defeated Kevin Redmond (Incumbent), Tara Ryan-Killeen (Incumbent), and William Caizza

Holmdel Township Committee (1 seat):  Thomas Critelli (R-Incumbent) defeated Karen Strickland (D).

Keyport Borough Council (2 seats): Matthew Goode (D-Incumbent) and Sophia Lamberson (D-Incumbent) defeated Gaylee Benedict (R) and Jacqueline Kovacs (R).

Little Silver Referendum: Voters approved the introduction of alcohol consumption on licensed premises and the ability to issue licenses

Manalapan Township Committee (1 seat): David Kane (D) defeated Rebecca Ginsburg (R).

Manasquan Borough Council (2 seats): James Walsh (D) and Greg Olivera (R-Incumbent) defeated Donald Cresitello (D)  and Robert Ferrante (R).

Marlboro Township Mayor: Jonathan Hornik (D-Incumbent) defeated Ira Goldberg (R)

Marlboro Township Council (At-Large, 2 seats): Randi Marder (D-Incumbent) and Michael Scalea (D-Incumbent) defeated John Dwyer (R) and Sui Allex (R).

Matawan Mayor: Joseph Altomonte (D) defeated Paul Buccellato (R-Incumbent).

Matawan Borough Council (2 seats):  Nicholas Reeve (D) and Mike Vergaretti (D) defeated Andrew Lopez (R-Incumbent) and Daria Dieterle (R)

Middletown Township Committee (1 seat): Stephen Massell (R-Incumbent) defeated Kevin Schwake (D).

Millstone Township Committee (2 seats): Nancy Grbelja (R-Incumbent) and Gary Dorfman (R-Incumbent) defeated Raymond Dothard (D).

Neptune City Mayor: Robert Brown (R-Incumbent) defeated Pamela Renee (D).

Neptune City Borough Council (2 full-term seats): Richard Pryor (R-Incumbent) and Andrew Wardell (R) defeated Beryl Lyford (D); Michael Skudera (D)

Neptune City Borough Council (one 2-year unexpired term): Barbara Shafer (R) defeated Linda Brady (D-Incumbent).

Neptune Township Committee (2 seats): Michael Brantley (D-Incumbent)\ and Nicholas Williams (D) defeated Diana Harris (I) and Kevin Sheehan (I)

Red Bank Borough Council (2 seats): Mark Taylor (R) and Michael Whelan (R) defeated Michael Ballard (D) and Michael DuPont (D-Incumbent);

Roosevelt Borough Mayor: Jeff Ellentuck (D) - unopposed

Roosevelt Borough Council (2-year unexpired term): Stacey Bonna (D) - unopposed

Roosevelt Borough Council (1-year unexpired term): John Impllizzeri (I) - unopposed

Roosevelt Borough Council (2 seats): Thomas Curry (D-Incumbent) and Jill Lipoti (D-Incumbent) defeated Larry Cheshier (R)

Rumson Mayor:  John Ekdahl (R-Incumbent) defeated Michael Steinhorn (D).

Rumson Borough Council (2 seats): Marc Rubin (R-Incumbent) and John Conklin (R-Incumbent) - unopposed

Shrewsbury Township Committee (1 seat): Edward Nolan (D-Incumbent) defeated David Mazan (R).

Spring Lake Borough Mayor: Jennifer Naughton (D-Incumbent) - unopposed

Spring Lake Borough Council (2 seats): Janice Venables (D-Incumbent) and Robert Drasheff (D) defeated John Fudge (R) and Edward Hale (R)

Spring Lake Heights Mayor: Thomas O'Brien (D) defeated Christopher Campion (R)

Spring Lake Heights Borough Council (2 seats): Sara King (R) and Robert Merriken (R) defeated Anthony Herner (D) and Nathaniel Novak (D).

Union Beach Mayor: Paul Smith (R-Incumbent) defeated Shane Dannecker (D);

Union Beach Borough Council (2 seats):  Albin Wicki (R-Incumbent) and Charles Cocuzza (R-Incumbent) defeated Ryan Sobin (D) and Stacy Feliciano (D).

West Long Branch Borough Council (2 seats): Susan Juliano (R) and John Penta (R) defeated  Katherine Boneburg (D).

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