Last week I told you about a few things that caught my attention when I visited the Seaside Heights boardwalk the weekend before last.

One of those things was the number of people enjoying buckets of booze on the boardwalk (literally. You know those rum buckets, right?).

While the law on the books in Seaside Heights outlaws drinking on the boards like that, I didn't see any enforcement.

I don't know this to be an official stance, so don't take my speculation to suggest that I have any kind of insider knowledge, but I have to imagine that officials are being a bit more lenient because bar owners are in an awkward situation at the moment.

Right now, because of COVID-19 coronavirus restrictions, bars can sell drinks, but you can't drink at a bar.

So patrons have been buying their beverages, finding a spot to sit, and enjoying their drinks on the boardwalk.

Obviously, it's not just Seaside Heights that's running into this situation.

One of our neighbors to the south is putting a rule on the books to temporarily allow drinking on the boardwalk.

According to our colleagues in Atlantic City, in a Monday announcement, officials said that they will temporarily allow for, "consumption of alcoholic beverages in certain areas of the boardwalk and other open container zones."

According to reporting from, the Atlantic City law would go into effect this Friday, June 12th, and would remain in place, "until restrictions on bars and restaurants are lifted, or seven months after the state of emergency ends, whichever is later."

What do you think, should more shore towns follow suit?

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