It was just over 24 hours ago that news started to come out about the upcoming toll hikes for the Garden State Parkway and New Jersey Turnpike, with the Turnpike Authority set to raise tolls on the Parkway by 27% and on the Turnpike by 36% starting in September.

By the end of the day yesterday, the Atlantic City Expressway followed suit and gave the thumbs up to their own hefty rate hike.

According to our Atlantic City sister station WPG, it'll cost you a dollar and a quarter more to go end-to-end on the Atlantic City Expressway.

The plan calls for the cost of a full-length trip to go from $3.00 to $4.25.

The mid-Expressway exits will bump up from $0.75 to $1.25.

The South Jersey Transportation Authority's plan will take effect on the same day as the New Jersey Turnpike Authority's toll hike, on Sunday, September 13th.

So, think about it, if you live in Ocean County and you want to pop down to Atlantic City for an evening or a weekend, you'll be dealing with at least 3 higher toll plazas on the Parkway, in Toms River, Barnegat, and New Gretna.

Once you get off the Parkway, you get hit with the big Atlantic City Expressway interchange toll. Right now, that's the hefty $3.00 charge.

And again, it all kicks in on the same day, September 13, 2020.

You can read a lot more about the South Jersey Transportation Authority's plan by clicking here for the thorough article from WPG.

In case you missed the Garden State Parkway story yesterday, you can check that one out by clicking here.


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