I'll admit, I'm a little superstitious. I don't take it too far; I don't carry around a lucky charm or have rituals for doing certain things. But there are definitely some things that I get a little, let's call it particular, about.

For me, it's mostly things that could happen. Opportunities that could be on the horizon. Things that were proposed but haven't been solidified yet, those kinds of things.

It started for me years ago when I had a chance for a great job. They flew me down to Florida, wined and dined me, and all the suits assured me that I was the guy...they just needed one more manager to sign off on it.

I told my family about it, told my friends about it, started looking at apartments, even started organizing to pack.

Can you see where this is going?

You guessed it, that one last manager didn't sign off on it. I didn't get the job. I was not only disappointed but embarrassed that I'd told everyone about it. So ever since that experience, I've been really superstitious about talking about things that could happen.

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