It looks like we are about to get our biggest snow of this season, which doesn't have to be a lot because it's been a pretty mild winter. Depending on where you live here at the Shore you may see a few inches to a foot of snow. Stay with WOBM for complete coverage of the storm with STORMWATCH.

So, looking back as a child we loved a big snow and the excitement of the impending storm and of course the chance for school closings! However, as you get older, snow becomes more of a headache than a play day!  Driving in bad weather, shoveling snow and simply the ice and cold are not such fun. So I guess I'm siding on the "Hater" side, especially at this point in the season. I love some snow around the holidays, which we hardly ever get, but at this point, I'm ready for Spring and baseball... not a blizzard! And one thing we can all agree on is that we do NOT want to see any coastal flooding from this Nor'easter.

So are you hoping for lots of snow or an inch or two?

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