I saw the B-52s in concert last night and it was an energetic crowd-pleasing show, as always.  I speak from experience because this was probably the 8th time I've seen them perform live, in person.  I've even travelled to other states to see them, a sure sign that I'm a loyal fan.

I was reminiscing a bit yesterday; thinking of the first time I had ever seen or heard these artists.  It was 1980 and I was babysitting.  The child was asleep, the parents were not home, and I had "Saturday Night Live" on television.  The B-52s took to the stage singing "Rock Lobster" and "Dance This Mess Around" and I was mesmerized.  They looked and sounded different from any other group I had ever seen.  Their music had an infectious dance groove and was fun!   I became a fan that night, and got their album soon after.

Do you remember the first time you "got hooked" on a musician or band?  Are there any performers you've seen multiple times?  Which groups do you like to see every time they come around?