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I like pork roll (aka Taylor Ham) but if supplies run out during the coronavirus crisis I will not panic. I was surprised seeing this story getting so much attention, but maybe I underestimate the fan base that pork roll has here in the Garden State.

According to NJ.Com,  About 15 % of the Unites State’s pork production comes from three plants currently closed due to coronavirus outbreaks.

  • The Smithfield Foods Sioux Falls plant
  • The Tyson plant in Iowa
  • JBS pork processing in Worthington, Minn. (JBS is the world’s largest meat processor)

Have you begun to notice the shelves becoming barren at your grocery store? I have definitely noticed and several times I went in for something only to find it missing.

Here are a few questions for you ....

Would YOU be crushed if we run out of pork roll?  

Can bologna be a stand in for taylor ham?

What do you call it .... Pork Roll or Taylor Ham?

Prefer oatmeal? 

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