I'm a cat guy so please don't shoot the messenger...

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I have been seeing and hearing many Jersey Shore locals get angry about people abusing the power of service dogs? It doesn't really make sense to me because I don't own a dog and I don't need a service dog. As we know, service dogs can be a great assistance to many people in our community. They can help the blind, they can drop in on the sick for comfort, they can support the elderly with companionship, and many of our soldiers returning from war have found comradery with these dogs. 

I won't show who wrote it, but below is a Facebook post from someone who was questioning the legitimacy of a particular service dog:

To the woman who was walking the large breed black and white pointer mix down Central Avenue this morning. Please take the FAKE SERVICE DOG VEST OFF YOUR DOG! It’s people like you that give service dogs A bad reputation which makes people that really need service dogs get hassled when they have to go places! Your dog is not a service dog. Service dogs trained to provide a service, to do a specific task, for a person with a disability. Your dog dragged you down the street chasing a bicycle jumped on a woman and almost bit some other passerby. Stop ruining it for people that really depend on their service dogs. Save your money on the fake vest and identifications and go get yourself a good trainer. Your dog is out of control and so are you! Rant over!

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Are people really putting a service vest on a dog that hasn't been properly trained? Do people actually do that? Again, I am a cat person... why would people do this?

One listener told me, you can sign your dogs up to be service animals so you don't have to pay a $300 deposit at an apartment and you don't have to pay the $25 monthly fee for having a pet. That's just one example...

I am extremely curious, I have never heard of someone doing this before... have you? SHARE & COMMENT!



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