One of the highlights of my cruise last week was doing Silent Disco. It involves getting a pair of wireless headphones, selecting what music you want to hear, and dancing however you want.

Apparently this has been popular at music festivals for years.  It's a way to keep the party going after the curfew and noise ordinances.  Having done it two different times on vacation, I can say it's my new favorite thing.  And everybody that I observed on the dancefloor seemed to be having a great time!  Even those who were a bit unsure upon entering the room wound up having a blast.

Think about it, even if you don't have a good sense of rhythm, you can still move around.  Nobody will notice if you're off beat or not because they're engrossed in their own song and dance moves.  I, personally, feel a sense of euphoria when I'm jumping up and down and "shaking my groove thang" so it was awesome to see so many people participate, young and old.


A bonus, if you have sensitive ears like I do, is that you can adjust the volume to however you want it.

And do you wanna hear something funny?  I asked the DJ if he could put the Chicken Dance song on one of the channels.  He did!  And I led a group of people doing "Silent Chicken Dance."  It was a hoot!

It seems some of the bigger cities in Jersey are offering Silent Disco.  Do you know of any places in Ocean or Monmouth Counties that offer it?


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